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Healthy Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Healthy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is almost here!

So let’s hear it for ALL of the women in our lives who are so brave, so strong, and so nurturing. Take a look at these healthy gift ideas for Mother’s Day to show your love on this special occasion.

1. Radical Longevity

The hardcopy is available now, but you can also pre-order your paperback copy of Radical Longevity available May 10th. There’s no better way to show your love than to help your mom reclaim her brain, reignite her hormones, repair her bones, muscles, and joints, revitalize her skin, reverse hair loss, and recharge her heart. It’s time to make 90 the new 60, and 60 the new 40! My book Radical Longevity takes a radical new view of aging – one that defies conventional wisdom and redefines the aging process with resilience, vitality, and grace.

2. Purity Coffee

Your mom deserves a good quality cup of coffee to start her day, jumpstart her metabolism, and keep her healthy. The most exciting research I’ve done recently has been on the outstanding health and weight loss benefits of coffee. Purity brand coffee is packed with up to ten times the antioxidants of other brands, and tests free of molds, pesticides, and mycotoxins. It’s the cleanest coffee I’ve found. Use code “Detox10” for 10% off your first order.

3. Influence Saunas

If you are looking for a unique and healthy gift for mom, look no further than Influence Saunas. Influence Saunas provide the most advanced Infrared Therapy available with unprecedented temperatures of 170 degrees (which is crucial for optimized detoxification), and the lowest EMF-ELF on the market. Infrared saunas are extremely beneficial for detoxification (sweat better), immunity (heat helps cell health and immunity), heart health (infrared therapy improves circulation and reduces blood pressure), and weight loss (increases metabolism and burns calories).

4. Dry Farm Wines

If mom’s tastes run more simple and sophisticated, bring her a bottle of this paleo wine. Sure to please even the most distinguished palates, these high quality wines are low in alcohol, low in sulfites, and are sugar and carb free. All of their wines are mycotoxin free and tested by an independent enologist to ensure purity. And….they can be delivered right to her doorstep!

5. Make Her an ALG Insider

Every month in my exclusive, private Inner Circle Facebook group (with 24/7 nutritional attention), groundbreaking insights are shared on health topics relevant to our modern daily lives. It’s where I share my trade secrets and apprentice each member through a dynamic cutting-edge curriculum supplemented with live interviews with some of the leading experts in a variety of nutrition and health-related topics. I truly would be honored to take your mother under my wing and teach her everything I know about holistic health and nutrition. I can think of no better gift than a gift membership to knowledge that will last a lifetime.

Our moms mean so much to us, and their memories live on in our hearts long after they’ve passed on. They work tirelessly day and night for us, so what better gift is there to give than nourishing their health and happiness through these “not-so-guilty” pleasures?

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