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Get Ready for the Ultra Fast Fat Flush!

Get Ready for the Ultra Fast Fat Flush!

Building on the New York Times bestselling Fat Flush Protocol, this guide reveals 4 brand new Fat Flush Accelerators that produce faster fat loss and even easier ways to get you to your weight loss goal.

2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the release of my Fat Flush Plan. Fat Flush has been a most unexpected phenomenon sweeping onto every bestseller list in the country, much to my surprise. I’ve been humbled and absolutely astonished to see how Fat Flushing has revolutionized weight loss and changed the way Americans diet by introducing the principle of detox dieting.

In honor of this milestone year, I’ve created a special upgrade to my popular plan. It’s called the Ultra Fast Fat Flush Guide

In this guide, I reveal 4 brand new Fat Flush Accelerators that are research-proven to produce faster fat loss and even easier ways to get you to your weight loss goal. In the pages of the guide, I explain how each accelerator can easily be incorporated into your daily regimen whether you’re a Fat Flush veteran or not.

Inside the 38-page guide you’ll discover:

  • How to torch fat off your stomach by making one simple tweak to your diet. (Hint: The secret isn’t changing what you eat but when you eat.)
  • Burn 3x more fat with coffee? It’s true! But it only works if you avoid making this common coffee mistake.
  • Trim fat from your hips, waist, and thighs with this overlooked nutrient. Proven in placebo-controlled study. Bonus: boosts your energy, too!
  • Put an end to cravings with this amazing “willpower” tonic. You can whip it up at home and it costs just pennies to make.
  • And much more!

You’ll still use the same proven eating principles of the New Fat Flush Plan with nutrient dense, low glycemic carbs, lean and clean proteins, healthy essential fats, and delicious, satisfying smoothies. 

But now, with my new guide, you can easily incorporate the four Ultra Fast Fat Flush Accelerators to supercharge your metabolism, boost your energy, and shore up your immunity. You’ll also find mouth-watering recipes like the new Breakfast Blaster smoothie to effortlessly integrate these accelerators into every lifestyle.

If you’re a “slow loser”… if you’ve hit a weight loss plateau (or brick wall)… if you’re trying to do everything right, but you’re not getting the results you desire (and deserve) — then you’re going to LOVE this guide!

Are you ready to kickoff 2021 with a bang? Click the link below now for instant access to my FREE Ultra Fast Fat Flush Guide…


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