Get Fit: TV Workouts

I’ll be honest— I like to watch TV. (And I’m not alone!) But while I’m sitting, watching TV, there is a way to make it more productive. Turn your favorite shows’ usual scenarios into triggers for workout moves! (Every time someone does *this* you do *that*…know what I mean?) You can catch up on your DVR and tone up at the same time with some simple basics.

One of my favorite shows is The Big Bang Theory! If you don’t watch this show, take the workout moves and incorporate them into one of your own favorite shows!

TV workout

Here is a little something I put together for when you’re reliving the days when “the Rachel” was a hairdo, and paleontology was cool. Get ready to feel the burn my fellow couch potatoes…

TV Workout

Or while you’re being reminded that bears don’t eat beets…

TV Workout

 Family love comes in all different ways…and so does a good workout!

TV Workout

Workout while you realize the little, seemingly insignificant things in life can easily be topics of conversation.

TV Workout

What’s your favorite TV show? Leave some ideas in the comments below— Let’s come up with some more TV Workout routines!

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