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Fat Flushing Strategies To Beat Stress Eating

Fat Flushing Strategies To Beat Stress Eating

If you’re feeling fat, fatigued and frustrated — join the club!

Stress-eating our way through the challenges of the past year has left many of us putting our healthy diets on the back burner. But now, with the dawn of a new year, it’s high time we get our act together.

It’s time to regain control of our eating, strengthen our immune systems, drop unwanted pounds and regain a fresh outlook on life!

Distract Yourself

Oftentimes stress signals us to reach for something to eat when what we actually need is to pause, breathe and think about what is really going on in our brain and body. Sometimes thirst is the culprit and we just need to be rehydrated. A tall glass of cran-water will often do the trick. Other times we need to address boredom and restlessness by engaging in a creative activity or a brisk walk.

If you find yourself reaching for snacks to fill an emotional need, try distracting yourself with an activity you enjoy or a task you need to complete. Most of the time if your body is not really hungry the craving will pass after 15 minutes or so if you find something to busy yourself with.  Anyone can hang in there that long!

Relax and De-stress

One of my favorite stress busting activities is pausing to listen to an uplifting song from a favorite artist like Il Divo. Getting lost in the music for even just a few minutes helps to recalibrate my mood and allows me to focus on what I need to accomplish. Mindful meditation can dramatically release stress too. Many examples of guided meditation are easily accessible on YouTube for free! Just plug in some earphones, sit quietly and listen as you relax for a few moments. You will feel refreshed and the confidence you need to face the challenges of your day can be restored.

Plan Ahead

Planning your meals and snacks ahead of time is a great strategy for overcoming the urge to grab whatever is at hand when hunger strikes. Pick a day and time each week that fits into your schedule to plan, shop and stock your fridge with what you need. I keep all the ingredients for a quick protein smoothie together in one place in my fridge so that I can throw them in the blender for a quick meal or snack.

Lose More with Lecithin

One of my essential stress reducing, healing smoothie ingredients is the superstar, Sunflower Lecithin. I love it so much that lecithin is one of the 4 Fat Flushing Accelerators I highlight in my new Ultra Fast Fat Flush Guide. I pop one tablespoon into every smoothie to nourish my body at a cellular level and support my liver with this great source of choline, which is essential for optimal fat metabolism.

In some studies, lecithin has been shown to double fat loss without side effects, reduce fatigue, and lessen menopausal symptoms in women. This essential fat has even been used to treat memory disorders, certain types of depression and anxiety, as well as improving immune system function, particularly in diabetics. A win-win for all of us as we confront and redirect stress eating into healthy eating so that we can be at our best this year.

I would love to hear other strategies you are employing to combat stress eating too. Please leave a comment – you never know how your input will help a fellow fat flusher. 

And, for more inspiration, check out my podcast with long time Fat Flush Fan, Dr Damon Miller.

To learn more about the many benefits of lecithin and other strategies to accelerate healthy weight loss, be sure to check out my new Ultra Fast Fat Flush Guide.

Whether you are new to my weight loss programs or a veteran Fat Flusher, you will find encouragement, cutting-edge research and practical guidance to help you drop stress related pounds and inches faster than ever before!

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Ann Louise Gittleman - January 20, 2021

I understand the confusion, but emerging research shows that lecithin is a healthy vital addition to the diet and pros overwhelmingly outweigh any cons…so it’s back to lecithin! I just enjoyed some sunflower lecithin in my own smoothie this morning!  

Donna - January 20, 2021

Can you explain the process of deciding how sunflower lecithin is good now? I used to use it then stopped after her latest book said more research needed to be done and it was best to not use it.
Thank you,

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