Could Your Protein Powder Be Dangerous?

No two protein powders are created equal.

If you’re like me,  you have probably noticed the large variety of protein powders on the market today, each one claiming to be healthier than the next. Have you looked at the ingredients of these protein powders though?

What you find may shock you.

Chemical sweeteners, hidden sugars, preservatives, and artificial flavoring galore. To the untrained eye many may say to themselves, “this must be better because it has more stuff in it.” Well, that is exactly what they hope you do and you could pay for it by unintentionally harming your health. Pay attention to what you put in your body and make sure the ingredient list of your protein powder doesn’t contain any hidden dangers.

Check out this info-graphic on the hidden dangers of one popular protein powder
and see how Fat Flush protein powders compare.

Click on the graphic or here for a larger view.

Protein Ingredients Infographic

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