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3 Simple Hacks to Power-Up Your Brain

Rebuild your brain health, starting at the cellular level.

Susanne was in her mid-fifties, teaching college classes. Much to her alarm, she (and her students) began noticing that she would frequently be at a loss for words in the middle of her lectures. It was embarrassing and frustrating for her to look at her students as she desperately sought a word that simply would not come to her mind. She noticed her energy and stamina were lower, too; she felt tired and dragging.

Susanne is not alone in these symptoms. Low energy, fatigue, mild memory loss, foggy thinking, trouble concentrating, depression, anxiety, and insomnia are wreaking havoc on otherwise healthy appearing adults. We often dismiss it, blaming our hectic lifestyles, stress, environmental toxins, poor eating choices, and less than ideal sleep habits. While these are all contributing factors, the bottom line is the brain is sending out distress signals for damaged cells unable to take up the oxygen and nutrients they need to function optimally.

These are all signs your brain needs to rebuild and regain health at the cellular level.

When was the last time you enjoyed an overall sense of wellbeing in your body? When was the last time you truly felt healthy – if ever? Isn’t it time to make a change, to do what it takes to power-up your brain and bring back your energy, mental clarity, and zest for life?

Build Better Brain Health in 3 Simple Steps

Brain-based diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are on the rise, and medicine doesn’t have the cure. Prevention is the key and is done by feeding your brain, increasing the blood flow, and taking a crucial supplement that allows damaged cells to absorb nutrients more efficiently.

1. Eat the Best Brain Foods

Nourish and protect your brain with nutrient-packed heavy hitters. Low moods and low energy are good indicators that the mitochondria of your cells – the power plants – are lacking the nutrients they need to make the energy for your cells to effectively do their jobs.

Essential fats are at the preferred fuel for the brain and are found in coconut oil, fatty fish like wild-caught salmon and sardines, avocadoes, nuts (think walnuts and almonds), seeds (think hemp, chia, and flax), and their oils. Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 essential fats boost brain power; improve energy, memory, and moods; clear clogged arteries; improve cognitive function; aid in cellular repair; and fuel brain cells. No time to cook? Incorporate nuts and seeds into your favorite morning smoothie and supplement with our Super-EPA to boost your intake of these brain-loving essential fats.

When it comes to fruits and veggies for brain fuel, think of the 3 B’s – blueberries, beets, and broccoli. The antioxidants in blueberries decrease inflammation and their flavonoids have been shown to improve memory. Beets are packed with folate, which helps stabilize moods and emotions, while their betaine boosts serotonin production in the brain, leaving you with a sense of wellbeing. Broccoli is packed with antioxidants and vitamin K, which has been shown to improve your ability to comprehend and remember verbal instructions.

Add some spice to your life with turmeric. This golden root is such a potent anti-inflammatory, it’s been shown to prevent and reduce symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Put a slice in your next batch of bone broth to keep your mind sharp.

2. Better Blood Flow with Daily Exercise

Exercise doesn’t just tone your body and build muscle, it also helps keep your memory sharp and thinking clear. Just 30 minutes of daily exercise increases your heart rate and gets your blood flowing, which pumps more oxygen and delivers more nutrients to your brain cells. Any activity that increases your heart rate helps your brain, from strength training and weight lifting to swimming and brisk walking or even dancing. Choose the exercise that fits your lifestyle and interests the best.

Other brain-boosting benefits of exercise include reducing inflammation, releasing endorphins and other mood-lifting chemicals, and stimulating the release of growth factors that build new blood vessels and grow new brain cells. Exercise reduces insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Finally, research shows that people who exercise have an increase in brain volume in the areas that control thinking and memory.

3. Supplement with Ultra H-3

More than 60 years ago a Romanian cardiologist named Ana Aslan discovered the next best thing to the “fountain of youth.” At the National Geriatric Institute in Bucharest, Romania, she developed a pain control formula with a substance called procaine. Over time, she was able to transform procaine to break down into PABA (para-amino benzoic acid) and DEAE (diethylaminoethanol), which also created amazingly rejuvenating results in the brain.

The science behind her formula has been studied at universities from Duke University to USC (University of Southern California) and the results confirmed its ability to significantly improve depression, anxiety, agitation, and overall mental wellbeing by normalizing acetylcholine synthesis and inhibiting MAO (monoamine oxidase), preserving healthy levels of feel-good neurotransmitters including dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine, and increasing nutrient absorption across damaged cell membranes.

Her anti-aging formula was so powerful and effective that celebrities and leaders from around the world traveled to Romania for it. Here at UNI KEY, we’ve taken her original formula and added a matrix of nutrients to slow the breakdown of the procaine, making it 6 times more effective than the original formula. With over 400 success stories on our website dedicated to it, Ultra H-3 is one of the most successful brain-building formulas we’ve ever seen.

Susanne’s story has a happy ending. She began taking Ultra H-3 and the impact on her memory was immediate. Her thoughts and lectures flow beautifully and it gives her more stamina and energy. She gets a surge of alertness whenever she takes it and she feels light, rather than tired and dragging. As an added bonus, the pain in her knee disappeared and now she can hike without pain and sit cross-legged on the floor once again.

If you’re ready to power-up your brain and make fatigue, depression, memory loss, insomnia, and foggy thinking a thing of the past, then don’t wait! Start eating to fuel your brain, find a daily exercise routine you love, and supplement with Ultra H-3. You deserve to feel better and have the energy to do the things you love.

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Maria Garner - June 7, 2018

Dear James Templeton, today I was watching KTC w/Doug Kaufman and I was introduced to you. Although I have not purchased your products yet, I had to write to share how hopeful I feel after reading about the products you sell. My urine mold tests results are off the charts even though I am on an very restricted diet for 5 l/2 yrs. ALL the supplements I am taking don’t seem to be able to get me where I can feel great again. But I feel so hopeful about your products because they seem to address the areas I NEED help with to get better. Can’t wait to begin a protocol as soon as I feel what I need to do first. Sincere gratitude, Maria Garner

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