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3 Fruit Smoothies You Need In Your Life

Starting your day with a smoothie is never boring!

Every morning we have our delicious fruit smoothies, rain or shine. Of course we started the routine because of the laundry list of health benefits— a well-rounded breakfast has been proven to amp up concentration and productivity, gets your metabolism rolling, good for your heart, etc. But now I think other factors have been established. Once you’ve had one or two, it’s not just for your health. It’s a love affair between smoothie and taste-bud…and you can’t stop love.

I enjoy cooking, trying new recipes or old recipes with new ingredients. I think this is why I’m the peerly appointed “in-house smoothie mixologist”. And true to my nature —and title— I’ve experimented with different fruits, spices, and even herbs. Sometimes the results are delicious…sometimes not so much. (The adventure is part of the fun!) I recently took a poll and here are our favorite combos!

Plant Protein

With the Fat Flush Body Protein, our plant protein, we love love LOVE Blueberry Mint. If you’re nervous to experiment, here’s my advice: start slow, build on your favorite basic. Right off the block, blueberries are so sweet and yummy that you can be sure the smoothie isn’t going to be gross, at the very least. (Unless you do something really strange with it…) Adding a few leaves of fresh mint really adds a freshness, a brightness to the flavor. Our Body Protein is perfect for creative combinations like this because it doesn’t have any flavor added, so it really is a clean slate!

One tip for adding mint? Blend your water, powder, fruit (plus Flora-Key and ice, if you’re using any) together first, then drop the leaves in. If you put the mint in at the beginning with everything whole, the berries and powder makes it harder for the blades to completely pulverize the leaves. Translation? You’ll end up with leaf pieces in your teeth. (Kinda makes for an awkward meeting when everyone is looking at eachother’s teeth, ya know?)

Whey Protein

When it comes to the Fat Flush Vanilla Whey Protein, we’re crazy about the Strawberry-Peach combo! Quick sidenote: If you’re using frozen fruit, this one doesn’t usually need any ice. Besides it’s picture-perfect color and texture, the flavor of this one is really delicious. I think it’s become a fave because of how light the flavors are. You know, like the difference between a big ol’ greasy burger and a chicken salad wrap? After the wrap, you’re full but not sluggish like you need a nap…and an hour at the gym. I’ve even sprinkled alittle cinnamon in this one before! (Don’t tell anybody— they liked it, could tell it was a little different, but couldn’t pinpoint where the extra “yummy” was coming from.)

The good intentions of a “healthy” smoothie can be ruined with the wrong protein powder. Remember to look at the ingredients! Our powders provide a clean 20 grams of protein per smoothie and are non-GMO with no sugar, soy, gluten, hormones or artificial anything. Our whey protein powder is non-denatured which means it hasn’t been heated, leaving the protein’s nutritional value intact. Our plant protein is made of pea and rice which means it offers a high satiety level and is ideal for vegetarians or detox. (Here are the 3 Things to Look for in Your Protein Powder.)

No matter your preference for protein powders, the combo options are endless. Have some fun with it…and let me know if you come across a delicious discovery! We’d love to try it!

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