12 Healthy Ingredient Substitutions

Simple substitutes can go a long way when you’re trying to make healthy changes in your diet. And I’m not talking about anything too painful, don’t get scared.

12 Simple Swaps to Make Meals Healthier

Here are some delicious subs that will help boost health benefits without sacrificing any flavor:

* Skip the croutons, sprinkle some nuts. Walnuts, almonds, and peanuts are all healthy ways to satisfy your craving for crunch in salads!

* Skip the mixers, sip fresh juices with your favorite cocktail. A squeeze of orange or a handful of berries can make a cocktail fresh and flavorful without the extra sugar!

* Skip the salad dressing, spritz some lemon juice. Apple cider vinegar also makes for a healthy dressing option.

* Skip the white rice, scoop some quinoa. Quinoa is a whole-grain packed with protein and nutrients!

* Skip the potato chips, snack on some kale chips. These crunchies will satisfy the munchies!

* Skip the sour cream, spread some Greek yogurt. Similar in texture and tang, these condiments are nearly interchangeable in flavor— take advantage!

* Skip the pasta, spin some spaghetti squash or zucchini ribbons. Low in carbs and low in calories, these versatile veggies are crowd pleasers without the heavy after-meal feeling!

* Skip the mashed potatoes, spoon some mashed cauliflower. Only a fraction of the calories than the potatoes, mashed cauliflower’s flavor is an equally blank slate that pairs well with any entree!

* Skip the sugar, sprinkle some cinnamon or natural extracts (vanilla, perhaps?). Try it out in your coffee, on your fruit or stirred into yogurt.

* Skip the tortillas, squeeze it in a lettuce leaf. Give that taco a more fresh take on its “crispy shell”!

* Skip the tomato sauce, slice some fresh tomatoes. A brighter, lighter flavor may be just what the doctor ordered! (not to mention cutting out the extra sodium)

* Skip the canned fruit, savor frozen fruit. The fruit is frozen at it’s peak ripeness, so freshness is a perk to this swap; not to mention frozen fruit will keep for a long time, and without the super sugary syrup.

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